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Lesbians, 1080p, Clips, HDTV, - Alex Coal, Keira Croft,, Natalia Nix

Alex Coal, Keira Croft,, Natalia Nix - When The Boss Finds Out

Having a hard ass boss like Alex Coal who insists they work weekends is really wearing on Natalia Nix and Keira Croft. When Alex is away one Saturday, Natalia decides that she's had enough of this. Natalia starts off complaining to Keira. When Alex lets the girls know she's running late, Natalia goes from bitching to seductive. Keira isn't as certain as Natalia, but she's willing to be seduced.

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Lesbians, Teens, 1080p, Clips, HDTV, - Lottie Magne, Sia Siberia

Lottie Magne, Sia Siberia - Fall For You
Released: December 2, 2021

Cute redhead Lottie Magne and sexy brunette Sia Siberia are doing yard work, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Fall For You" begins. When they go indoors to warm up, Sia takes a hot shower while Lottie makes tea. She’s delighted by the sight of her gorgeous girlfriend wearing nothing but a towel, and kisses her tenderly, hands and lips exploring her silky skin. She pulls off Sia’s towel and fondles her breasts, kissing her way down between her slender thighs. Sia moans softly as Lottie licks her shaved pussy, stoking her arousal. She bends over the kitchen counter and grinds on Lottie’s pretty face until she’s overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. Now Lottie gets naked and sits on the sofa with thighs spread wide as Sia eats her pussy, spreading the delicate folds open with her tongue and lapping at her clit. Lottie’s moans and squeals of pleasure grow wilder as Sia licks her to an intense climax.

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