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- Sydney Harwin

Sydney Harwin - Mom and son and Lil sis

Sydney Harwin - Mom and son and Lil sis, You and your Mom have a very casual sexual relationship and you dont care who knows it... or who sees it. Your sister is sitting on the sofa as you approach your Mom for sex. You are worried shell turn you away because your little sister is there but she doesnt... in fact, it just takes things to a whole new level. At first, Mom is snappy with your little sister, telling her to leave the room if she doesnt like it, but after a few minutes, Mom encourages your little sister to join in on the fun, even if she doesnt like it... CONTAINS MOM/SON VIRTUAL SEX, MOM ENCOURAGING LITTLE SISTER TO TOUCH YOUR COCK WHILST YOU ARE FUCKING MOM, MOM ENCOURAGING LITTLE SISTER TO GET INVOLVED AND PLEASURE MOMMY AT THE SAME TIME.

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MiLFs, 720p, Clips, HDTV

- Natalie Wonder

Natalie Wonder - Your Gift Is Growing Inside Mommy

Natalie Wonder - Your Gift Is Growing Inside Mommy, , , Mmmm I can kiss you all day. Here we are in the middle of a thunderstorm. Hearing the raindrops fall and thunder crashing makes this even more romantic. I couldn’t of asked for anything more perfect. Wow, did you hear that loud thunder? If this storm doesn’t let up we might be stranded here for days. Whatever shall we do? Mmmmm I can think of a few things. We’ll be making love and making more love. We’ll be fucking hard and then make love again. Sometimes it’s loving and passionate… other times it’s so dirty and naughty. Mommy loves it all. I know you do too., Oh baby, this storm is getting so intense. Will you protect step-mommy? Awww you’re so sweet. So, can you believe it? Our future’s about to change. I knew it. I felt it. That day a few months ago. We were right here making love. You came inside of me and I knew your potent sperm would give me a baby. Mommy was right. My baby gave me a baby. I bought this sexy little nighty to celebrate. It’s a bit snug around my belly but you think it’s sexy, don’t you baby. Your seed is growing inside Mommy. Mmmm but Mommy can never get enough. I always want you inside me filling me up… coating my cervix with your hot load… spreading more of your sperm inside my womb. I love that you impregnated me. Lay back baby, Mommy’s going to make love to you this time. I can’t wait for our future. Mommy’s dreams really did come true with you.

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MiLFs, 720p, Clips, HDTV - Alisha Adams, Nicole B, Jesse

Alisha Adams, Nicole B, Jesse - =Alisha Adams, Nicole B and Jesse
Released: 21.12.05

Alisha Adams, Nicole B and Jesse, , Nicole B and Alisha are back and this time they are working with Jesse. we had some light hearted banter on set before the shoot. Nicole mentioned that she had never been skiing. Alisha starts off eating Nicoles pussy before Jesse jumps in. The girls take turns sucking his big cock before Nicole rides him reverse cowgirl. He then fucks Alisha missionary position before he fucks Nicole doggy style while she is on top of Alisha. The two of them sucking off Jesse before he shoots his load.

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Teens, Inter-racial, MiLFs, 1080p, Clips, HDTV, - Alena Croft

Alena Croft - Alena Crofts Second Appearance

Its time something had to be done about Mrs. Croft. She has been a constant source of problems and an embarrassment for her husband. You see - Alena Croft is a bit of a cougar who loves going down to her husbands company and praying on all the young men he hires. Today the firm has just hired a brand new training class of college graduates. Thats fresh meat in Alenas parlance. Well this is a different day and age so HR has been assigned to deal with her before it becomes a major problem. In a "me too" world even the young men may play the victim card. So Isiah is sent down to explain what sexual harassment is and to keep Mrs. Croft occupied. Well the only thing that Alena wants to keep her occupied is a big black trouser snake and Isiah seems to be packing a beast. Coiled and ready to strike his mamba climbs loose from his pants and Alena is in heaven. Always hungry for cock she greedily gobbles it down. Slobbering on man meat always gets her cunny dripping and ready for pole. Soon enough Isiah is blasting his HR tool deep into her wet box as she moans in delight. Mabye if HR kept somebody around like Isiah she would not have to come pray on the new recruits. All this cougar really needs is non stop man meat stuffing. Power driving her cock garage Isiah pummels her witless and delirious. Soon he fills her up with a massive expulsion of man juice that only sends more orgasm ripples cascading through her throbbing innards.

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Anals, Busty, MiLFs, 720p, Clips, HDTV, - Sofie Marie, Kyla Keys

Sofie Marie, Kyla Keys - Mistress Sofie Owns Kyla Keys

Mistress Sofie has her willing subslut and slave Kyla Keys to punish and torment. She walks her slave with a leash, ties her to the X-Cross and flogs her pussy, and then she makes Kyla service her wet pussy! Mistress Sofie's slave, Kyla, is tied to a table, spread eagle! Sofie begins her sexual teasing by removing Kyla's panties. She then does her best to make Kyla orgasm! After putting clothespins on Kyla's perky nipples, Sofie licks and plays with Kyla's sweet, bald snatch. Then, Mistress Sofie uses a hitachi vibrator on Kyla as she convulses with pleasure! Mistress Sofie has a big surprise for her slave in training, as she fucks her with a strap-on, Master Spike enters the dungeon to give Kyla a real cock to pleasure. Mistress Sofie and Spike take turns fucking and face fucking Slave Kyla. Master Spike has high expectations for Kyla so he gives her a bare bottom spanking. Kyla is overwhelmed with the discipline and two masters and she cums uncontrolably. For her reward, Kyla is allowed to service Spikes big dick with her Mistress. Both of the girls are cum hungry so they snowball and share Spike's big load!

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Busty, Teens, MiLFs, Creampies, 720p, Clips, HDTV, - Sofie Marie

Sofie Marie - Happy Birthday Taboo Hoe Down

After celebrating Tyler's birthday at a western bar, Sofie and Tyler return home. Sofie wants to know if Tyler needs any food for the munchies, and Tyler tells his stepmom he needs to tell her something important. They move from the kitchen to the living room, and Tyler bravely tells Sofie that he is very turned on by her! Sofie is surprised and flattered that Tyler's cock is so hard and he is so distracted. She offers to help the young man out by sucking his young hard cock, and letting Tyler return the favor by licking her pussy. Then Sofie's lust takes over and she wants his cock in her pussy!

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