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Anals, 1080p, Clips, HDTV - Jet Setting Jasmine, Maus

Jet Setting Jasmine, Maus - Jasmine's Way 2

Surprise Surprise, Maus remembered to come to 69 Jasmine Way for his session! Jet Setting Jasmine is so pleased with her sub’s training, that she decides to fuck his ass with her foot AND a monster strap-on. It’s time for Maus to admit just what a filthy slut he really is - and when he does - Mistress Jasmine rewards him with a face full of squirt! Featuring bondage, anal, foot fucking, spanking, strap-on, deep throating, cum eating, hitachi, and squirting.,

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P. O. V., 1080p, HDTV - Arena Rome

Arena Rome - Ghost Cock

The Queen enters the room clad in a black, latex catsuit with Her high heel boots to match. It seems as if you thought you could hide from Her in this room. you aren't ever going to be clever enough to match Queen Arena Rome's sharp senses and wit. She stalks you down, you hear the music She scored for this night of interrogation that has you squirming. She is a patient one with you in Her room. She takes Her time to slowly drink Her black coffee from Her "Cunt mug" and begins to ask you to exactly how you thought this night would go. Patiently, She talks through your sweating body as your heart races wanting to know exactly who and what you wish to give to Her. She takes out Her favorite leather harness and it has a special cock strapped on to it just for you, pussy... you aren't worthy to have Her peg you to your heart's desire. No, in the end of this suspenseful night She says what She wishes to say to you as She sips Her drink and strokes Her 'ghost cock". The ghost of you will be forgotten but this night in the presence of Glorious Queen Arena Rome will be forever etched in your mind. NEVER FORGET!

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1080p, Clips, HDTV - Ella Nova, Sam Solo

Ella Nova, Sam Solo - Make Miss Ella Come, Part 1

Nervous creep, Sam Solo, is lured to an abandoned farmhouse by bombshell Ella Nova. Sam dares to trespass on private property, despite the dangers, simply for the chance to be with Ella outside of the office. She could convince him to do anything. Once inside, Ella is magically bedecked in a sexy latex outfit, wielding a flogger. Sam is strapped to a cross in his underwear and tie, with a red ball gag in his mouth. The poor guy had no idea what he was getting into! Ella grinds on his dick, flirting and teasing as she explains that today is his lucky day. You see, Ella Nova is in urgent need of a last minute replacement sub for her afternoon play. She grabs the first man she sees in her office and lures him to her dungeon. She wants a toy to play rough with and throw away when she’s done, and Sam has “fucktoy” written all over him. She flogs him until his chest is beet red, she cuts his underwear off and laughs at his vulnerability. She makes him hump the air and laughs some more. Pathetic little worm! Smacking him around and cutting off his fancy clothes has got Ella’s pussy wet. She pulls Sam down so that he is lying on his back. She grinds her perfect ass on his face and presses down so he cannot get any air. He doesn’t need oxygen, this is where he belongs. Under her ass, her pussy lips grinding on his entire face. She only allows him to breathe when she leans forward to stroke his cock, edging him until he is so, so very close, only to smack his little prick and deny him. Ella loves his confusion. He doesn’t know what to feel. He’s never been touched by anyone even close to Ella’s magnificence and she’s making him so turned on but so scared. What the hell is she going to do to him next, how is this crazy afternoon going to end? Only Ella knows…

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