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Anals, Teens, Inter-racial, 720p, Clips, HDTV - Alexis Crystal, Paola Hard

Alexis Crystal, Paola Hard - Office DP: 2 BBCs Stretch Out Young Blonde Professionals Alexis Crystal, Paola Hard
Released: December 2, 2021

After rebuffing her black colleagues attempts to get in her pants at the workplace, sexy, young blonde Alexis Cyrstal finally succumbs to the pressure and places his BBC in her mouth. Alexis is under the desk, with her colleagues black cock deep in her throat when her other black colleague walks into the room to discover whats going on. When she finally realizes that hes entered the room, she does what most girls would do if they found themselves in the same situation, and started sucking her other colleague off as well. The interracial threesome is just starting to pick up steam when a 4th colleague, Paola Hard, walks by and sees whats going on. Of course, having seen the two massive black cocks from afar, Paola joins the fun.

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Anals, 720p, Clips, HDTV - Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal - Airtight DP with Company Bosses Gets Slut Alexis Crystal the Job
Released: November 26, 2021

While interviewing to become a secretary at a large multinational company, it becomes apparent the Alexis Crystal is not qualified for the job. Despite this unfortunate fact, however, Alexis is resourceful and knows a work around. While the boss whos interviewing takes a quick call, she gets on her knees and starts blowing him under the desk. Of course, the boss doesnt try to stop her, and after he gets off the phone he starts fucking her on his desk. As his cock is balls deep in the slutty blondes pink pussy, his two partners walk to the room. Quickly, they take their pants off and join the fun, making use of all of the secretaries holes.

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