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Haley Reed - My Stepsister Talks To My Dick

Ricky Spanish and his stepsister Haley Reed have an interesting relationship, where they constantly flirt with one another. When Haley's mom leaves the house, Haley winks at Ricky and then goes to change into tight yoga pants that show off her ass and camel toe. Ricky's dick, Mr. Johnson, narrates the whole scenario, right down to how badly Ricky wants to tap that but won't out of fear that Haley will rat him out. After a few stretches, Haley goes to take a shower. The imagery of that doesn't do a thing to make Mr. Johnson stop wanting to fuck.

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Lesbians, Teens, 1080p, Clips, HDTV, - Haley Reed, Liz Jordan

Haley Reed, Liz Jordan - Multiplication Tables
Released: November 26, 2021

A teen, Liz Jordan, and her parent, Silvia Saige, are waiting for Lizs tutor, Haley Reed, to show up. Silvia isnt happy about Lizs grades lately and is considering getting another tutor. Ever since Haleys been around, Lizs grades have actually been getting WORSE! But when Liz begs for Haley to be given another chance, Silvia gives in...

Haley soon arrives, greeting them pleasantly, and Silvia leaves them to it. Of course, as soon as Silvia steps out of the room, Liz and Haley are instantly frisky -- no WONDER theyre not getting any studying done! But as they sneakily eat each other out beneath the table, they have to avoid being caught by Silvia, who keeps checking back on them. But once Silvias gone to run an errand, the teens can finally let loose. Although they may not get an A in math, they certainly get an A for effort!

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