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1080p, Clips, HDTV - April Olsen, Jane Wilde

April Olsen, Jane Wilde - True Lesbian - Bad Reputation
Released: November 28, 2021

Sarah (April Olsen) exits her home and says goodbye to her family inside. Dressed in a private school uniform with glasses and a backpack, Sarah is about to graduate at the top of her class. She may look innocent on the outside, but Sarah secretly longs for excitement ... and other women. She slips in her headphones and puts on a punk song as she walks down the road to class...

Meanwhile, Andy (Jane Wilde) sits at the base of a tree, legs spread as she dumps the contents of her school bag on the ground in front of her. Andy has failed senior year twice. She rummages through her things, opening a notebook full of lesbian doodles. She notices Sarah unknowingly pass by. Andy has been waiting all morning for Sarah. Something about Sarah has always made Andy curious. She grabs her things and hurries to catch up. Walking slowly behind Sarah so she can check her out for a moment, Andy takes in the beautiful student before gradually catching up and removing her headphones. She introduces herself to Sarah, mentioning that they have homeroom together.

The students walk along the road together, as Andy complains bitterly about their homeroom, how shes always getting suspended, how boring it is, and how their teacher should retire. Soon, they fall into silence, as both women search for what to say next. Finally, Sarah breaks the silence, asking Andy if she is ready for finals. Andy stops and studies the road ahead. Andy then enthusiastically suggests that they take a shortcut and veers off the path. Sarah stops and cant help but be amused at the spontaneity of her new friend. Shes pretty cute, when she isnt trying so hard. She decides to follow.

Sarah follows Andy down a path. Shes pretty sure they are going in the opposite direction of her school by now. But she doesnt care. She really likes Andy and wishes they could spend the whole day together. Sarah and Andy chat about their lives, their sexual tension building. Eventually, Sarah asks Andy if she has a boyfriend. Andy responds with a chuckle, saying that guys arent really her type. Sarah laughs back and nods her head awkwardly. She can really feel the tension between them now. They chat a little more, moving closer and closer to each other. Finally, the tension boils over and they lean against a tree and kiss, their hands moving over their school uniforms.

Andy may have a bad reputation, but Sarah is going to find out how GOOD that can feel sometimes...

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Teens, 1080p, Clips, HDTV - Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde - Smoking Hot Babysitter Cant Say No
Released: November 26, 2021

Smoking hot high-schooler Jane Wilde has a horny boyfriend, and with her perky little titties and round peachy ass its not hard to see why he wants that tight teen pussy in this premium Penthouse scene. Bent over, the sex kitten enjoys Van Wyldes fingers on her wet and puffy snatch before wrapping her lips around his long hard dick. The luscious vixen loves the feel of cock deep inside her hairy pussy in cowgirl and doggystyle, playing with her clit and moaning with delight as he fucks her.

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1080p, Clips, HDTV - Gabbie Carter, Jane Wilde

Gabbie Carter, Jane Wilde - The Captains Slot
Released: November 18, 2021

Katie (Gabbie Carter) is curled up miserably on her bed, surrounded by crumpled tissues and food wrappers. Shes been too depressed to go to school for the past few days, but today she has no choice but to go back. She opens her closet door to get her school uniform, but gets upset when she sees her cheerleader outfit, hinting that her depression has something to do with cheerleading.

Later that day, after school, Katie spots her schoolmate Maria (Jane Wilde), who is wearing a cheerleading uniform. Katies eyes narrow with contempt, and she decides to follow Maria to her home. When Maria arrives at her house, she is surprised to see that Katie has followed her, but she gloatingly calls Katie ex-captain, and arrogantly invites her inside...

From their conversation, it is revealed that Katie used to be the captain of the cheerleading squad, but she got kicked off the squad after she was somehow outed as a lesbian. The schools conservative faculty didnt want a lesbian on the squad, and someone spread a false rumor that Katie was looking up the other cheerleaders skirts, so nobody on the squad wanted to defend her. Katie accuses Maria, the new cheerleading captain, of being the one who outed her and spread the terrible rumor. Not only that, but Katie is sure that the only way Maria could have known that shes a lesbian is if Maria is also a lesbian herself.

Maria isnt shy about admitting that she is the one who outed Katie, and taunts that Katie has no hope of getting back on the squad. To Marias surprise, Katie says that she has no desire to rejoin the squad. Katie says that what she really wants is for Maria to admit to her that shes a lesbian, too. She just wants the personal satisfaction of knowing that Maria is a hypocrite.

Maria decides that shes already won, so she admits to Katie that she is a lesbian too. But to her shock, Katie begins to gloat, saying that Maria will have to keep that a secret for YEARS, if she doesnt want to get kicked out of the squad like Katie was. That means Maria wont be able to date or have sex. Meanwhile, Katie is free to be herself, since everyone now knows that shes a lesbian. Thats why Katie doesnt need revenge... because the best revenge is knowing that Maria screwed HERSELF. Maria briefly looks stricken, as she realizes that what Katie said is true. Katie gleefully offers Maria a pity fuck, which she accepts. After all, its the last time Maria will be able to have sex for quite a while...

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